Monday, September 18, 2017

Sleepy Man: By My Side

Yep, I said I'd do it, and here it is...The Sleepy Man Banjo Boys...

My favorite is Track #2, Man in Your Corner.  The older boys wrote this song dedicated to their youngest brother who has epilepsy... Enjoy!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers - Live in Duluth, Minnesota

The quality of this live video isn't the greatest, but I've been inspired by Steve Martin's banjo playing and his love of bluegrass music.  I'm planning to add a few of his award winning albums to my collection.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Clawhammer Medley - Steve Martin & The Steep Canyon Rangers

Steve Martin and The Steep Canyon Rangers sing "Pretty Little One" on the Prairie Home Companion December 10, 2016 broadcast.

Steve Martin and bluegrass...what's not to love?

Keep Calm and Dance in the Rain

(Note: I posted this originally on Facebook, but you can Donate to the Avon Hurricane Hurricane Relief efforts for just $10 here as well)

There's a record storm surge with Irma and devastating property damage throughout Florida in its wake. It's heading north towards South and North Carolina but is weakening. Friends and family have said they've never seen anything as powerful as this hurricane.

Places in Southeast Asia, South America, Cuba, and the Caribbean are even more devastated with losses numbering in the hundreds of thousands. Not exactly affluent areas, they are far more vulnerable with limited resources and infrastructure.

Believe me, I can relate. And I hate to say it, but these were the kinds of storms I grew up with in Palau and Guam. Some were what we call 'banana' typhoons, ones that were between 40-80 mph winds and people still went to work. But not before boarding up the windows at home, filling up bathtubs, stocking up on supplies...then feasting on all the perishables the night before and day of the storm (yay).

Typhoons can be catastrophic to tiny islands out in the Pacific Ocean. Imagine standing on a little rock surrounded by water, rain pouring down on you, wind blowing down trees and flipping cars into the air with nowhere to go but to your nearest neighbor...

I moved to Guam the year after I graduated from the University of Hawaii in 1991. We had 7 major typhoons over a 2 month period, the worst being Typhoon Omar which was beyond a Category 4 storm... But what I remember best is when people opened their homes to friends and family, and anyone who was left with damaged house and property were always welcome.

Food, shelter, and company were the best ways to weather the storm. A little music and dance never hurt either...

Donate to the Avon Hurricane Relief Efforts for just $10 here

Avon has partnered with the Feed the Children program who will provide and distribute an assortment of critical personal care products for  hurricane relief efforts.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Astounding Life After Death Discoveries That May Surprise You

Consciousness researcher Anthony Peake asks whether there can ever be a scientifically satisfactory explanation as to what may happen to human consciousness at the point of death? Anthony believes there can. Using the latest evidence from the fields of quantum physics, neurology, consciousness studies and psychology, he proposes an intriguing and totally original theory.  

Special Feature from Glastonbury Symposium Archives, Recorded at Truth, Mysteries and New Frontiers [Glastonbury Symposium]

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Sleepy Man: Roots Trio From New Jersey | Uncharted: The Power of Dreams

These 3 brothers are an amazing trio who just fell in love with bluegrass music as young boys.  The name of their group 'Sleepy Man' was inspired by the youngest brother who used to play the banjo laying down with his eyes closed...

While they started off with traditional bluegrass and just performed instrumental music, the boys eventually evolved into writing original songs.  They're a new discovery for me, and I'm a huge fan... :)

Blue Ridge Mountain Dancers with Pete Seeger

You wouldn't think a young woman from a remote Pacific island would have heard of Appalachian dancing let alone fall in love with it and blue grass music.  But since those early years, the music and dance feels as though I have long lost cousins who have come to share their love of dance and music.

Whether you listen to and dance to Brazilian samba, bluegrass, blues, or Hawaiian slack key guitar, they are universal languages that anyone can speak...

Best Bluegrass Clog Dancing Video Ever Made

Call me old-fashioned or cheesy, but dance of any style never gets old, love bluegrass clog dancing!  Here's one I found on YouTube.

Monday, September 04, 2017

Chris Rodrigues & The Spoon Lady

I have not seen spoon playing in a very long time. It makes me so happy to see these 2 awesome!  I love music that touches you in a simple and direct way...anything bluegrass, blues, and now...spoons!

You can find more about Abby the Spoon Lady on her site, and YouTube channel @Abby the Spoon Lady.

She's an amazing lady who has turned her life around from her very humble beginnings and I'm always looking for interesting people like her.

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